“Every event is a moment to be experienced, to be shared, to be treasured, to be remembered”

The team at RHEA have worked across a breathtaking range of events during our careers which has equipped us with a vast knowledge and experience that we bring to each and every client. From large outdoor events to small, perfectly-crafted family occasions, we ensure every detail is covered but we never deviate from the focus of creating memorable moments for those attending.

Whatever your event, we can help you identify what is important so we can design and deliver the perfect event to meet your needs and objectives. Whether a corporate, personal, cultural, civic or ceremonial event, we have the insight and creativity to bring your vision into reality.



We begin with a complimentary consultation about the event you have in mind and discuss tailored solutions around options and a vision for your event.

If you wish to proceed, we will begin to work on your event immediately.

Planning & Preparation

We will create a comprehensive event plan that meets your vision for your approval and ensure that all the technical and operational details are in place to ensure a memorable occasion that meets your objectives.

You can be reassured that we will check in and consult with you regularly.

We will meet with you and the key participants (in-person or online) to ensure that all speakers, performers and participants feel comfortable and prepared.

During the event itself, your focus can be on fully experiencing the event itself, while we make sure everything happens as it should.

Event Day

Our focus on the day of the event will be to ensure that every detail is in place so that you can be fully present to host, present, meet guests and attendees and more.

You can be reassured that everything will run according to plan under our supervision, while you enjoy this specially created event.  We will be on hand, ready to help, throughout the day.