When you don’t know where to start, start with us.

Being Prepared begins with a one-to-one meeting to walk you through the process of planning a meaningful and special funeral and equip you with the essentials for when the time comes.  Following our call, we will send you a Being Prepared planning pack with a suite of documents, chosen for you, to help you to record essential information.

We are here to help before you even need us – the ideal time to seek help for funeral planning.  Let us help you with those difficult first steps and empower you to be prepared.

Enquire about our Being Prepared consultation today.

RHEA is an independent funeral planning service that is dedicated to helping people to have meaningful funerals that honour the life of the person who has passed and reduce the stress on the loved ones left behind.

Our one-to-one meeting is the ideal first stage in planning a meaningful funeral that feels like the right fit for you and your loved ones.

After you have spoken to us you will:

  • Have a vision for the kind of funeral you want
  • Be able to make decisions about personalised elements that will celebrate the life of your loved one
  • Know what to expect over the course of the funeral days
  • Have a vision for the reception, wake and other informal gatherings that make a funeral meaningful
  • Be prepared for when the time comes to arrange the funeral itself

Following our call, you will receive a specially selected Being Prepared pack which contains useful documents, planners and suggestions for recording essential information so that you feel prepared when the time comes.