Your Personal Goodbye

Have you been thinking about your funeral, do you know what you want?  Would like a traditional funeral or do you imagine having a ceremony or event with a more personal touch?

We are here to explore your ideas, preferences and unique wishes and help you capture the plans for the most fitting funeral for you, saving your loved ones the stress and worry, when the time comes.

Starting and having the conversation about your funeral with loved ones can be difficult.  Our ‘Your Personal Goodbye’ service will help make that conversation easier.

Contact us if you would like to enquire about how we can be of assistance.

RHEA is an independent funeral planning service that is dedicated to helping people to have meaningful funerals that honour the life of the person who has passed and reduce the stress on the loved ones left behind.


Consultation & Conversation

Through one-to-one conversation, in a setting of your choice, together we will:

  • Help you identify the vision you have for how you would like your funeral to be
  • Chat through your wishes, thoughts and preferences from the major decisions down to the small details that reflect your life, personality and uniqueness
  • Help you consider the special touches that will comfort and support your loved ones from a wake to a post funeral reception
  • Explore options that might be suitable for you
“Your Personal Goodbye”

We will produce a detailed plan capturing all your preferences, wishes, details and information for you to share with your loved ones so they can be reassured they are making the right choices, when the time comes.