Memorial Events to Remember

Memorial events are a source of great comfort and consolation by which to remember a loved one in the months and years following a loss.  Whether due to the pandemic or for whatever reason, if you were not able to have the funeral your would wish for a loved one, a memorial event may be the right option for you to fully celebrate a lost loved one in a meaningful way, as unique and memorable as they themselves.

Whether for a small family group or a larger community of friends, neighbours or colleagues, these gatherings offer an opportunity for reflection, celebration of life and sharing of treasured memories.

We provide a full suite of bespoke memorial event planning services in Cork to help you honour your loved one, celebrate their life, love and achievements and keep their memory alive as time goes by.

  • A post-pandemic gathering
  • Anniversaries
  • Special days of remembrance such as a birthday or wedding anniversary
  • Work place, school, college or club memorial event for a colleague or student
  • An ashes-scattering event
  • A memorial unveiling such as a garden bench, plaque, tree-planting, etc.

Contact us to discuss the options that will best suit your memorial needs.



We begin with a complimentary consultation to discuss the memorial event you have in mind and help you to visualise how it will look.

This session will include tailored suggestions that match your vision of what is possible for your event, whether in-person, virtual or a combination of both.

If you wish to proceed, we will begin to work on your memorial event immediately.

Planning & Preparation

We will create a memorial event plan that meets your vision for your approval and ensure that all the technical and operational details are in place to ensure a memorable occasion for you, your family and friends.

You can be reassured that we will check in and consult with you regularly.

We will meet with you and the key participants (in-person or online) a couple of days before the memorial event to ensure that all speakers, performers and participants feel comfortable with their contributions during the event.

From that point, your focus can be on fully experiencing the memorial of your loved one, while we make sure everything happens as it should.

Event Day

Our focus on the day of the memorial will be to ensure that every detail is in place so that you can be fully present in the experience.

Our team will arrive at your venue in advance, ready to welcome your guests, ensure everyone is comfortable and at ease, before the memorial event begins.

You can be reassured that everything will run according to plan under our supervision, while you listen and experience this specially created event, surrounded by the love of your family and friends.

We will be by your side, ready to help, throughout the day.